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BL 15-inch howitzer

The BL 15-inch howitzer was developed at the end of 1914 as the successor to the 9.2-inch siege howitzer and used as a heavy artillery. After the company Coventry Ordnance Works produced the very successful 9.2-inch siege howitzer, in early 1914, the development began. In mid-1914, the first prototype was produced and presented to the British...
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BL 12-pounder 6 cwt

The BL 12-pounder 6 cwt gun was a lighter version of the BL 12-pounder 7 cwt, previously used in Indian cavalry and deemed inadequate. After the BL 12-pounder 7 cwt was introduced to the Indian cavalry in 1891, the gun proved too complicated and too heavy for the units. In addition, the gun was very vulnerable...
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BL 12-inch howitzer

The BL 12-inch howitzer was a further development of the highly successful BL 9.2-inch siege howitzer, but with larger caliber and range. The company Vickers produced from 1914, the successful and widespread BL 9.2-inch siege howitzer. In 1916, the development of a gun was begun, which, although maintaining the basic structure of 9.2-inch, but had a...
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