Our military shop is finally online

After several months of work, our online shop has finally gone online officially.

After I have been running this online encyclopedia in the field of military affairs for several years now, I have often been asked if I can tell others what is current or hip in the field of equipment and clothing.

The inquiries came from soldiers, employees of security services, hunters, preppers or also from people who are active in the area of paintball.

So it came that I dealt with this topic more often and also more extensively to get an overview of what is currently available. In addition, I started to help friends, acquaintances or other people in their search or to order the necessary equipment or clothes according to their wishes. Thus I was able to build up a quite good network of dealers in a short time, where I know that both the price and the quality are right.

After I was finally asked why they don't build up their own shop with it, I started to deal with this topic and finally got them to actually do it.

So I spent the last weeks and months with the selection of appropriate programs, software, dealers, distribution channels and possibilities to be able to build the project accordingly solid.

The result I can now finally show with my own shop, after the last steps and settings were finished:



In order not to let the shop get too big in the beginning, I first concentrated on the areas of equipment and clothing. These I put into the categories:
- Backpacks
- Bags
- Belt bags
- Gloves
- Face masks
- Scarves
- Sunglasses
- Vests
- Helmets and accessories
- Holster
- Knee and elbow protectors
- Camouflage nets and suits
- Equipment for your dog
- Equipment for your car
in the area of equipment.

In the area of clothing there are the following categories:
- Uniforms
- Sweaters
- T-shirts
- Pants
- Jackets and coats
- Shirts
- Raincoats
- Underwear
- Hats
- Caps
- Costumes

There is also the area of shoes and boots and the outdoor area.

I therefore hope to have carried out a reasonable division of the individual subject areas.

What will be added in the near future are the following categories:
- Women's wear
- Clothing for children
- Model making
- Toys
- World War I and II

The already existing categories will of course be further expanded with articles and continuously expanded.

If you have further wishes, suggestions or improvement requests, you can of course write me an email and tell me your concerns:

I will then try to implement and integrate your wishes as far as possible.



Since the shop is internationally designed, different currencies can of course be selected. By default Euro is selected, other currencies are:
- Australian Dollar
- Danish krone
- Hong Kong Dollar
- Japanese Yen
- Canadian Dollar
- New Zealand Dollar
- Singapore Dollar
- US Dollar

To serve as payment options:
- Shopify payments
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, SOFORTüberweisung, Klarna Invoice Purchase (credit rating required), Apple Pay, Google Pay
- PayPal
- PayPal Express Checkout
- Amazon Pay

The delivery is always free of shipping costs! To the following countries the articles can be delivered at present:
- Austria
- Australia
- Belgium
- Bulgaria
- Canada
- Croatia
- Cyprus
- Czech Republic
- Denmark
- Estonia
- Finland
- France
- Georgia
- Germany
- Gibraltar
- Greece
- Greenland
- Hungary
- Iceland
- Ireland
- Italy
- India
- Indonesia
- Israel
- Japan
- Latvia
- Liechtenstein
- Lithuania
- Luxembourg
- Malaysia
- Malta
- Mexico
- Monaco
- Netherlands
- Norway
- Philippines
- Poland
- Portugal
- Romania
- Russia
- San Marino
- Serbia
- Singapore
- Slovakia
- Slovenia
- South Korea
- Spain
- Sweden
- Switzerland
- Thailand
- Turkey
- Ukraine
- United Kingdom
- Vietnam


I hope to have aroused your interest with the presentation of the shop and would look forward to many visitors!




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