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The fall of the Western Roman Empire

The time of 27 BC until the year 180 is often referred to as Pax Romana (Roman Peace). During this time, the Roman Empire hardly pursued plans for expansion and had to deal only with a few suppression of uprisings inside or securing the borders.   But already in this period Rome, especially the Roman Legion, were...
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The Roman Civil War

The period of the Roman civil wars extends to the years 133 to 30 BC, in which the Roman Republic first came into a serious crisis and finally went down as a form of state. What began with the failed Gracchic reforms and the "party struggles" between optimates and popularities ended with the establishment of...
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The conquests of Alexander of Macedonia (Alexander the Great)

King Philip II of Macedon developed after his takeover in 359 BC, the backward state of Macedonia within a short time to a leading power in Greece and laid the foundation for the future empire of his son Alexander of Macedon or known as Alexander the Great which is about Greece, the Middle East to...
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The Persian campaigns

The clashes between the Greek city-states and the Persians are more than known since the films "300" and "300 Rise of an Empire". Against a crushing superiority, the Greeks fought at Marathon, Thermopylae and Salamis and proved their courage and skill. But not only the Greek courage came to the fore at the time, also the...
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Assyrian conquests

With their fearsome and formidable army, the Assyrians had created a tool for their conquest campaigns that had not been there before. In addition, the Assyrians for the first time integrated the systematic exploitation of the defeated to maintain their own armed forces. Rulers like Tiglatpileser III. or Assurbanipal II. were particularly prominent exporters of...
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Sumer and Egypt

The first historically documented wars between organized forces took place around the year 3000 to 2500 BC between the Sumerian city-states in today's area around Israel, Syria, Jordan and Iraq. Even the largest of these states could set up a small army only for short campaigns to go to war. The armies were composed for the...
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