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The imperial German navy

During the German wars of unification and the early years of the German Empire, the German navy hardly played a role. Only with Kaiser Wilhelm II was the rearmament significantly advanced by the Navy to become the 2nd strongest in the world. Highly prepared for a war, however, it was hardly used in the First...
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Imperial German Army (Reichsheer)

The imperial German army in its basic form already existed at the time of the North German Confederation under Prussian leadership. After the accession of the South German States and the founding of the German Reich after the Franco-German War, the southern German armies joined the imperial army, but retained some autonomy. It was not...
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Southern Army (Confederate Army)

After the secession of South America from the US Union and their own state founded, also the existing US Army was divided, with the larger proportion of soldiers changed to the new Confederate Army. But just like the northern states, conscription was introduced in the south and volunteers recruited to build a powerful army for...
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Northern Army (United States Army 1861 – 1865)

After the exit of the southern United States to the Confederation, the existing United States Army was divided, with the largest part of the approximately 16.000 serving soldiers joined the Confederate Army. Within a short time, President Abraham Lincoln was able to increase the army of the northern states to several hundred thousand by volunteers...
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The Continental Army

The Continental Army was a force created by the First Continental Congress of the American Independence Movement to combat British forces. The soldiers of the Continental Army were provided by the then 13 colonies and operated next to the respective militias of the individual colonies. The Continental Army was also the predecessor of today's US...
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