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Rolls-Royce armored car

The development of the Rolls-Royce armored car was an attempt to compensate for the lack of aircraft in support of the British soldiers in Dunkirk. In August 1914, the Eastchurch Squadron of RNAS (Royal Naval Air Service) was founded under the leadership of Charles Rumney Samson. Initially stationed in Ostend, they were relocated to Dunkirk shortly...
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Killen-Strait Armoured Tractor

The Killen-Strait Armoured Tractor was a prototype developed from an agricultural utility vehicle to destroy the positions and barbed wire barriers on the Western Front. The Killen-Walsh Manufacturing Company was based in the US and produced tractors and agricultural vehicles until the beginning of the First World War. In 1914, the name was changed to Killen-Strait,...
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Büssing A5P

In response to the demands of the German Ministry of War for its own armored cars, the Büssing company presented in 1915 the prototype of the Büssing A5P, the dimensions of which put all previously known armored vehicles in the shade. Since the company Büssing already had several years of experience in the production of trucks,...
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Ehrhardt EV/4

With the arrival of German troops in Belgium at the beginning of the First World War, the infantry was completely surprised by the appearance of Belgian Minerva type armored vehicles. These vehicles were well armored and equipped with weapons and sat down the German troops beyond measure to the defense. This meant that the German...
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Dür and Treffas car

In the course of the First World War and the realization that the German troops urgently needed armored vehicles, the War Department commissioned various companies in the Reich to develop these vehicles. Among other things, the prototypes of the Dür car and the Treffas car were created from this invitation. The Dür car was a prototype of...
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