Category Archives: 4. War in the revolutionary period (1750 – 1830)

The South American wars of independence

South America was firmly in Spanish hands since the beginning of colonization. Although Spanish rule began with brute force against the native population, over time a system of joint administration of Spanish officials and privileged Creoles (American-born whites) established itself and a long period of stability returned. It was not until the revolution of black people...
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The second American war of independence

After the declaration of independence of the United States of America, the country declared its political and military neutrality for the conflicts on the European mainland. France, in particular, was disappointed with this decision because the country was at war with England and demanded a return from the Americans for their help in the Revolutionary...
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The rise of Napoleon Bonaparte

Before the French Revolution, France sought to reform its army and restore military power in Europe. For this purpose, the army officer Jean-Baptiste de Gribeauval developed a new artillery system, with improved guns to implement the presented by Graf de Guibert warfare with fast and mobile armies. In addition, military academies were opened in France, which...
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The expansion of Russia under Catherine the Great

Even before the reign of Catherine, Russia was involved in several wars, including the Northern War and the War of the Austrian Succession. Under Peter the Great (1682-1725) the former backward Russian army became a powerful and modern force. This Katharina took advantage of in her reign and enlarged her country by a considerable area.      

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