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The ship type liner developed in the mid to late 16th century by technical innovations in shipbuilding and armament. At the beginning of the 16th century, with the invention of the gun port, it became possible to use openings deeper in the hull for guns, which were only opened to fire the cannons and otherwise...
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Henry Grâce à Dieu

With the Henry Grâce à Dieu, although a ship of the Karacke was still built, but the development of the gun port, it was the engineers now possible to install gun batteries deeper in the hull, which on the one hand meant that the lower guns were larger because they On the other hand, the...
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The Vasa (also called Wasa)

The Vasa was a Swedish galleon, which in its day counted as one of the largest and most heavily armed warships.    

Construction and equipment:

The order to build the Vasa was granted in the course of the Thirty Years' War by the Swedish king Gustav II Adolf of Sweden in 1625. The reason for this...
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