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Ranks of the German Wehrmacht administration

Wehrmacht officials were wearing slightly modified Wehrmacht uniforms, with a similarly structured ranking. The uniform cloth pads were dark green. During the war, the so-called special leaders were added. These were civilians who were integrated into the Wehrmacht for a special task (eg interpreting) as officers (in the rank of lieutenant, captain or major). Their...
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Ranks of the Austrian Armed Forces

The Bundesheer is the armed force of the Republic of Austria. His manifold tasks are derived primarily from the military law. In addition, however, it is increasingly important that Austria is a member of the European Union and of the Partnership for Peace (PfP). Supreme Commander of all soldiers is the Federal President, with the command...
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Ranks of the US Coast Guard

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) has a special status in the United States, as it is classified as a partial military force, but in peacetime under the Ministry of Homeland Security. Only in case of war such as World War II or the Vietnam War is it directly subordinate to the military. Mehr lesen

Ranks of the US Marine Corps

The United States Marine Corps (USMC, also known as Marines or US Marines) provides the Navy infantry of the US Navy forces and is primarily focused on naval operations, with the Marines also taking over domestic and foreign duty for special items such as embassies , Currently, around 200,000 active soldiers serve, 40,000 more can...
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Ranks of the british royal navy

The English Navy is one of the three branches of the British armed forces. The Navy is divided into 5 troop units with different equipment and tasks: - Surface Fleet (Includes naval overwater warships) - Submarine Service (Includes the submarines of the Navy) - Fleet Air Arm (Includes Navy aircraft and helicopters) - Royal Marines (Includes Navy Navy Infantry with a troop strength of 7,000 men) - Royal Fleet Auxiliary (Includes...
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Ranks of the british army

Like most modern modern day forces, the English are subdivided into the three divisions of the Land Forces, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. In contrast to the Air Force and the Navy, the land force in England does not carry the suffix "Royal". This decision goes back to the 17th century, because the English parliament...
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