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The Janissaries were in the Ottoman Empire, an elite force force, who provided the bodyguard of the Sultan and occupied high positions in the administration of the empire. The foundation is estimated at the end of the 14th and the beginning of the 15th century. Exact sources for the foundation are not available. The background for the...
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Schiltron formation

The Schiltron formation is one of the Greek phalanx-like arrangement of soldiers wearing skewers. This formation was used by the Scottish commanders during the Scottish War of Independence to compensate for the inferiority of their own infantry against the better trained and equipped English soldiers and cavalry.   The principle, like the phalanx, consists of a dense...
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The Knights Templar

During the First Crusade at the end of the 11th century, the Christian force conquered parts of the Middle East. After the victory, the pilgrims divided the territories and smaller states emerged, such as the county of Edessa in Armenia, the Principality of Antioch in Syren or the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Shortly thereafter, the city of...
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Roman legionnaire

The power of Rome was mainly based on his soldiers. By setting up a professional army and introducing many standards such as uniform combat equipment, weapons and training, the Roman army set the standard of a modern army for many centuries.   Emperor Augustus (31 BC - 14 AD) had come to the conclusion that it was...
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Greek phalanx

A phalanx is a dense, linear combat formation of heavily armed infantry, usually equipped with a shield and spear, and marching side-by-side on the enemy in multiple rows.   This term is particularly related to the frequently mentioned battle formations in the Greek - Persian War. However, since the 18th century, this term has also been used...
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Egyptian chariot

At the beginning of the New Kingdom around 1550 BC, there was a new military restructuring in Egypt. After the former occupiers, the Hyksos were expelled, the Egyptians took over the chariot technology of the enemy, but changed them to their means. The Egyptian chariots were made of wood and leather and were designed by the...
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