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Fortified fortifications have been around since ancient times. Cities were already protected by walls from attacks. Also in the Roman Empire we built fortifications, so-called castles, which served purely military purposes. The castle construction in Europe began with the fall of the Western Roman Empire. As the border walls (Limes) to the Germanic tribes more and...
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The Roman Limes (Roman frontiers)

The original concept of the Limes derives from the Latin words limus "cross" and limen "threshold", which were marked by the early Romans for the demarcation of their fields and fields by boundary stones, wooden posts or natural obstacles such as rivers. By Gaius Julius Caesar later fortified guards and Marschlager on army routes in enemy...
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Roman military camp (fort)

The Roman military camp was an essential element of the legions and testifies to their logistical skills and discipline. For this purpose, the camp served not only as a starting point for military operations, but also as a replenishment camp and retreat for recreation. Later solid, massive castles were built, around which whole economic sectors and...
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