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Erich von Falkenhayn

Erich von Falkenhayn was one of the leading personalities who led the German Empire to a war against Serbia and thus into the First World War. He led the great general staff, devastated hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the Battle of Verdun and led German troops into Rumania and Ottoman armies. Mehr lesen

Erich Ludendorff

Erich Ludendorff was one of the most famous German generals in the First World War, served as deputy Paul von Hindenburg in the highest army command and was instrumental in the failed spring offensive of the Germans in 1918. After the war Ludendorff was politically active in several ethnic groups, was a member of the Reichstag...
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Paul von Hindenburg

Paul von Hindenburg is one of the most important and famous people in German history. Von Hindenburg witnessed the German-French War, the proclamation of the German Empire in the Hall of Mirrors of the Palace of Versailles and led the German army in the First World War. During his lifetime, a professional soldier and supporter of...
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