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Siege Tower

Siege towers were used to overcome high walls and to put their own soldiers on the battlements. The first siege towers were already used in antiquity in the storming of fortified towns. In most cases, the towers were made of a wooden structure with several floors. Due to the logistical effort, the material for the...
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With the introduction of gunpowder and the development of the first rifles, warfare has been radically changed. Before, for the most part, battles with swords, axes or lances man-to-man were the basic principle of warfare, and this new weapon made the fight more remote. Due to the many developments of the past centuries, the rifle...
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The knife has played a vital role in human history since earliest days. Already since the Stone Age, primitive people used stone, bone or wood materials that served as knives. With these other materials were processed, animals are killed and processed. With the advent of the Bronze Age and the use of this material for the...
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The Greek fire

The Greek fire was a firearm used in the 7th century by the Byzantine navy on its dromone ships. The necessary technology was probably known in 677 by the Greek architect Kallinikos, who fled from the advancing Arabs from Heliopolis, now Lebanon, to Constantinople and this technique handed over to the Byzantine Empire. Already during the siege...
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Catapults are stationary weapons from which heavy objects such as stones or bolts are fired. They were mainly used in sieges of castles and fortresses to destroy or bring down the enemy's walls.   The first catapults were probably in the 4th century BC. developed and used by the Greeks. The first mass use of these weapons...
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The crossbow is a bow-like weapon, but with greater punch. Already in ancient Greece, the original weapon of the crossbow was used. The Gastraphetes was a waist-high weapon that was already based on the principle of the permanently cocked crossbow. The Roman legions used some crossbows, but these were developed into large siege weapons such as...
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The arrow is one of the oldest tools of the people who were used in addition to the civilian use for hunting and military. For this purpose, the bow basically serves as a launching device to shoot down arrows. Since the Neolithic period, archaeologists have known that the arch was also used in warlike actions.  


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