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Giant gun “Mons Meg”

The giant gun "Mons Meg" was a cannon made in Scotland, which was used mainly for sieges to destroy enemy positions. So the gun was used in 1489 at the siege Dumbarton Castle to support the siege. Later, the gun was alienated for salute shots at the wedding of Maria Stuarts with the Dauphin of France. 1681...
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Giant gun “Dulle Griet of Ghent”

The "Dulle Griet of Ghent" was a giant gun in the Middle Ages, which was used by the Belgian city of Ghent. Built around 1435, it served during the siege of Oudenaarde to destroy the fortifications there. However, when the Belgian attackers had to retreat, the gun fell into the hands of the enemy. It was...
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Giant gun “Pumhart von Steyr”

The "Pumhart von Steyr" was a giant gun used in the Middle Ages which was made in Styria in Austria and measured by caliber, which had been the largest known wrought-iron bombard. The gun was a gift to the Austrian Emperor Friedrich III. and was used primarily for the siege war and to destroy enemy fortifications. According...
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Giant gun “Lazy Mette” (Faule Mette)

The "Lazy Mette" was used in the Middle Ages giant gun, which was cast in 1411 by the Brunswick cast-piece founder Henning Bussenschutte bronze. Due to its heavy weight and the size of the cannon, which at the time was the second largest in Europe, it served only the city defense of Braunschweig and was stored...
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Giant gun “Lazy Grete” (Faule Grete)

As the "Lazy Grete" was called a medieval giant gun, which served their service in the German Order. In 1409 the gun was cast by the gun caster Heynrich Dumechen in the Maria Gießhaus and cost at that time around 278.5 marks, which corresponded to about 1160 oxen. In 1413 Margrave Frederick I of Brandenburg borrowed the...
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