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The Dromone

The Byzantine dromone, which was used in the 6th and 7th centuries, was an evolution of the Roman galleys. This type of ship also had a closed deck to protect the helm crew from attack, and to house throwing machines and marines. In addition, the ships were still equipped with a ramming spur and the...
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The deceremes and quinqueremes

By changing the attack tactics from ramming to boarding, the requirements for the ships also shifted. So the aspect of speed was shifted in favor of size. Since the technical possibilities of arranging the rudder rows were exhausted and no more ranks could be added, the rudders were simply increased and the number of rowers...
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The Triere

To make a ship even quicker and to get with it even more force with a ramming manoeuvre, it was developed from the Diere with her 2 oar rows the Triere with 3 rows, while one shifted the oar benches after the body to interpreter. This ship type dominated from the 6th to the 3rd...
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Greek Diere

The Greek Diere was an advancement of the Pentekontere. With this ship type however 2 rows of Ruderern were one above the other appropriate on each page, so that the ship could obtain a higher speed and thus a higher force when ramming. (more…)...
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Greek pentecontere

The Greek Pentekontere was an early form of the galley, which was quite long, narrow and flat in order to build the highest possible speed for ramming. In addition to the oarsmen, the ship was equipped with a rectangular sail.   This ship was invented in 680 BC. by the Corinthian shipbuilder Ameinokles. Only with this ship...
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