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The galleon was developed in Spain in the 16th century as a pure, ocean-going sailing ship and dominated the naval warfare for 2 centuries.   These ships were used especially for the traffic between the colonies and the homeland and used beside Spain later also from Portugal, England and Holland. By developing large ship cannons and removing...
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The galeasse was an evolution of the galley. With the development of the gun ports and larger ship cannons that could now be mounted alongside the ships, the oars were gradually removed and the ships were used completely as sailing ships. In contrast to the galleys, the galleys were also superior in terms of draft,...
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The galley was designed for the Mediterranean ship consisting of oars and sails. Like most predecessors, this ship type was designed for speed. It was equipped with an overwater spur at the bow, which was more suitable for boarding than ramming, especially since the tactics of ramming over time lost over the boarding.   During the 14th...
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