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Ironclad SMS Wörth

After the mass production of standard-line ships was started in England, the German Navy also developed types of ships that met the new requirements and were to replace the obsolete armored ships. This started the construction of the Brandenburg class, which consisted of a total of 4 ships. Mehr lesen

Tower ship HMS Hood

The HMS Hood belonged to the Royal Sovereign class of the British Royal Navy and provided with their construction one of the first warships there, which was designed as a unitary line ship. This started the construction of serial warships, which not only cut costs but also increased production. Mehr lesen

Ironclad USS Monitor

The USS Monitor was the first ironclad to be built and used by the young US Navy. With the naval battle between the Monitor and Confederate Virginia, she was also involved in the first battle between armored ships in history and was involved through their development at the sinking of the wooden ships. Mehr lesen

Ironclad HMS Warrior

With the construction of the French ironclad La Gloire, the British Royal Navy also recognized the benefits and advantages of iron armored ships, letting two Navy ships of the new Warrior class set sail for their navy, which also established the era of armored ships in England. (more…)...
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Steam regatta La Gloire

The French steam regatta La Gloire sprang from the experience of the navy during the Crimean War and was not only the world's first ocean-going armored ship but laid groundbreaking foundations for the further construction and development of warships despite its disadvantages in its lifetime. (more…)...
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