Battering ram

Battering rams were used to tear down walls and gates or push a hole in it to overcome the enemy's defense.

The first rams were still felled trees, which were carried by several men and pushed against the target. Later, the battering ram was mounted on moving bases to gain more momentum and more damage. For this purpose, the trunk was posted on a scaffold, which could swing back and forth.



Simple battering ram with wooden head


Renaissance battering ram


Heavy ram already with metal head



With the appearance of archers and defensive measures on the walls like pitch, the battering rams were roofed over to protect the operating crew from attack. In addition, the head of the ram was partially equipped with a bronze head, which increased the stability and the force.

By the end of the Middle Ages, when the castles lost their military importance, the rams were also superfluous and disappeared from the armed forces. Today small variants are used that can be used by one person and are used for police operations to break doors.



Moderne Ramme bei der Polizei

Modern ram at the police






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