Galeone “Golden Hinde”

The Golden Hinde was a ship of the type galleon and was the flagship with the Sir Francis Drake as the first human circumnavigated the world.




Launching and design:

The launch took place in 1577. At the beginning of the name of the ship was still Pelican, only under Francis Drake, the name was later changed.

Compared to other galleons at that time, the ship was rather slender and built low. For protection from the weather, the outer skin was equipped with 2 layers of planks, which were reinforced with a tar layer in between. Further, the ship was equipped with 3 masts and 18 guns.




Under the command of Sir Francis Drake:

The Pelican was one of the ships built specifically for the circumnavigation of the world by Francis Drake. Overall, the fleet consisted of 5 ships, the Pelican was the flagship.

The journey began on 15 November 1577 from Plymouth Sound from the Atlantic. After initial teething problems, the fleet reached on August 20, 1578, the southern tip of America where Francis Drake in a ceremony called the Pelican renamed the Golden Hinde. The name was supposed to refer to the financial supporter of Christopher Hatton's journey, whose heraldic animal was a golden doe.

On September 26, 1580, the return of the world trip to Plymouth Sound took place.




The end of the Golden Hinde:

As a reminder of the great success of the circumnavigation of the world, Queen Elizabeth I of England issued the order in 1581 to erect the ship as a monument in Depford.

But after years of neglect, the ship gradually disintegrated at the turn of the century until the remains were finally disposed of in 1662.




Ship data:

Launching 1577
Country England
Whereabouts 1662 scrapped
Number of masts 3
Length 37 meters
Width 5,6 meters
Draft Max. 2,7 meters
Displacement 300 metric tons
Speed Max. 8 knots
(15 km/h)
Arming 18 cannons
Crew Ca. 80 Man




Nachbau der Goldene Hinde

Replica of the Golden Hinde


Nachbau der Goldene Hinde

Replica of the Golden Hinde






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