The galeasse was an evolution of the galley. With the development of the gun ports and larger ship cannons that could now be mounted alongside the ships, the oars were gradually removed and the ships were used completely as sailing ships. In contrast to the galleys, the galleys were also superior in terms of draft, size and weight and were able to carry significantly more cannons that more and more influenced the naval battles. The fact that Galeassen were also built higher than galleys, made the boarding much harder, as galleys came at all due to the strong firepower in the vicinity of a galeasse.


Due to the poor maritime capability compared to the later occurring ship type of the galleon, the Galeassen disappeared again at the end of the 16th century from the seas.



Eine Galeasse der Spanischen Armada

A galeasse of the Spanish Armada


Die Antelope, eine englische Galeasse des 16. Jahrhunderts. Illustration aus der Anthony Roll von 1546

The Antelope, an English galeasse of the 16th century. Illustration from the Anthony Roll of 1546






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