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Small cruiser SMS Emden

The small cruiser SMS Emden belonged to the Königsberg class, one of the last built in the German Empire cruiser class. During the war, it served as the flagship of torpedo boats and during the internment in Scapa Flow the internment fleet. From the Emden, Rear Admiral Ludwig von Reuter gave orders for self-lowering. Mehr lesen

Battleship SMS Deutschland

The SMS Deutschland belonged to the same ship class, which were built as the last unit type ships in the German imperial area. Already at the beginning of the First World War, the ship was outdated, but survived this and was one of the few ships that were left after the surrender of the Weimar...
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Small cruiser SMS Cöln (1916)

The small cruiser SMS Cöln belonged to the same class of ships and was the penultimate small cruiser, which was built under the imperial navy. The Cöln class served to replace the lost during the First World War eponymous ships, but were superior in size, armor and armament its predecessors, however. Mehr lesen

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