Concept of a Russian light multipurpose aircraft carrier

The Krylov State Scientific Center (KGNC) from Russia presents a concept for a new development on a new Russian light multi-purpose aircraft carrier (LMF). Already in August 2017 in the forum "Army-2017" the first concept was presented to the Russian Ministry of Defense, a model and further details will now follow in December.

The new multi-purpose aircraft carriers are said to have a displacement of 30,000 to 40,000 tons and can take around 40 to 50 aircraft on board. The plans are currently the inclusion of Sukhoi Su -33 and MiG-29K aircraft. Although there is already another option with the MiG-35, there are still no discussions between the companies regarding the acceptance of this type of aircraft.

The smaller LMF will complement the already larger Russian aircraft carriers, as they are cheaper and faster to build. Sevmash and Zaliv, which could meet the requirements, were also designated as suitable shipyards. However, it is not possible to start building until 2024, according to the Krylov State Scientific Center.


Concept of a Russian light multipurpose aircraft carrier



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