Flight tests of the Russian Ka-226 helicopter successful in Iran

The flight tests of the light Russian Ka-226 multi-purpose helicopter in Iran have been successfully completed. Especially the flights in the altitudes were very positive, confirmed the head of the Russian helicopter holding Andrei Boginsky. For Iran itself, the purchase of the medical version would be interesting, according to the manufacturers.

Already since 1997 the light multipurpose helicopter is manufactured in Russia and also exported. To the past customers also counts the Indian military, which wants to use 200 pieces of the helicopter starting from 2019.

Due to its modular design, the helicopter can be used in different variants and transport up to 1.5 tons of load over a distance of about 600 kilometers. The variant now used in Iran was equipped with the medical module, which would allow the supply of Iranian troops in almost any terrain.

According to the manufacturer, more tests are now planned in Pakistan under the supervision of the local military. If this demonstration is just as positive, it is not excluded that Pakistan will also follow as a customer of the helicopter.


Kamow Ka-226 in the medical version



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