Giant gun “Dulle Griet of Ghent”

The "Dulle Griet of Ghent" was a giant gun in the Middle Ages, which was used by the Belgian city of Ghent.

Built around 1435, it served during the siege of Oudenaarde to destroy the fortifications there. However, when the Belgian attackers had to retreat, the gun fell into the hands of the enemy. It was not until 1578 that the gun was returned to Ghent.

The gun is now a bit off the Friday market and can be visited there.




Technical specifications:

Gun type main box
Gun class Giant cannon
Period Around 1435
Material iron
Length 4,98 meters
Chamber length 1,53 meters
Mass 12,5 metric tons
Caliber 64 cm
Ball weight 340 Kg



Dulle Griet von Gent

Dulle Griet from Ghent




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