Giant gun “Lazy Grete” (Faule Grete)

As the "Lazy Grete" was called a medieval giant gun, which served their service in the German Order.

In 1409 the gun was cast by the gun caster Heynrich Dumechen in the Maria Gießhaus and cost at that time around 278.5 marks, which corresponded to about 1160 oxen.

In 1413 Margrave Frederick I of Brandenburg borrowed the gun to use it to break the resistance of the Knights of Brandenburg within three weeks and thus help the Hohenzollern dynasty in Brandenburg to rise.

The "Lazy Grete" was at the time of more frequently used type of guns, which were mainly used for the siege warfare against fortifications.


Bronzene Steinbüchse des Johanniterordens von 1480. Die Faule Grete war der Form nach ähnlich, allerdings größer.

Bronze stone can of the Knights of St. John of 1480. The Rotten Grete was similar in form, but larger




Technical specifications:

Gun type Main box
Gun class Giant cannon
Period around 1408
Material Bronze castings
Length 2,5 meters
Chamber length 1 meters
Caliber 50 cm
Ball weight 170 Kg



Schwestergeschütz der Faulen Grete

Sister of the Lazy Grete, since measurements were about the same






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