Giant gun “Lazy Mette” (Faule Mette)

The "Lazy Mette" was used in the Middle Ages giant gun, which was cast in 1411 by the Brunswick cast-piece founder Henning Bussenschutte bronze.

Due to its heavy weight and the size of the cannon, which at the time was the second largest in Europe, it served only the city defense of Braunschweig and was stored at peacetime on the courtyard of Martinikirche am Altstadtmarkt. Mainly their dimensions should also serve as a deterrent.


Faule Mette

Lazy Mette


On August 23, 1550, the transfer to Michaeliswall, where the gun was used against Duke Henry the Younger of Brunswick - Wolfenbüttel, who besieged the city. Until 1650, the gun then remained in place until it was brought to the Wendentor.

In 1787, the final withdrawal took place and the gun was melted down after firing only 12 shots, of which only 5 were in defense of the city.




Technical specifications:

Gun type main box
Gun class Giant cannon
Period around 1411
Material bronze
Length 3,05 meters
Tube length 1,24 meters
Mass 8,75 metric tons
Caliber 67 cm
Ball weight 409 Kg



Faule Mette

Lazy Mette






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