The halberd is a more than 2 meter long bat and stabbing weapon, which developed in the 13th or 14th century from the Rossschinder out.


The predecessor, the Rossschinder, was a pole weapon used by the foot soldiers, which was used for use against riders. For this purpose, at the end of a knife was attached, with which one could cut deep wounds in the horse or rider meat and so possibly ward off the attack or even could bring the horse to case.


In the halberd, in contrast to the horse-shearer, the head was equipped with a very sharp knife for stabbing. In addition, the larger knife was replaced for cutting against a broad hatchet for slamming. On the other side of the head there was a short blade instead of a thorn.
The connection between the head and shaft was usually reinforced with metal to make the weapon more solid.







With the increased use of firearms and the associated decline in the heavily armored riders, the use of halberds went back until it was finally replaced by the pike.






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