Club, bat

The club counts to the oldest objects used by people which served as a weapon.

The origin lies possibly already with our forefathers who have recognised by chance the blow effect from long objects, at the time probably bone or branches, and have started against congeners. With a club blow the force of a blow at the thickened end on the aim area discharges. The more measures and swing lay accordingly in a blow, this heavy could cause even deadly injuries, in head hits.

By the advancement of the club and to the principle result was performed to thicken the end and to form the clutch area in such a way that the club can be firmly clasped current form of the club soon appeared to us today.


Bekannteste Knüppelform

Best known stick shape


From the construction of the club other weapons and the objects of the zivilien use should also form later out. Thus originated in the club principle, e. g. , hammers. As weapons quarrel pistons, war hammer or also morning stars went out out.


Today clubs are still used in kind of the truncheons as one knows them at the police, securities or the military policemen. These are laid out in contrast to former, nevertheless, not on a deadly effect, but serve Primarily the protection or the penetration of hoheitlicher rights.






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