Spiked mace

The Spiked mace was a variation of the quarrel piston and there were 2 variations also with this weapon.

The first one Was built up like the quarrel piston while it a wooden or metallic stealing a ball or an ovally shaped head had at his end mostly sat which were taken with 1 to 5 cm long stings. These penetrated with the impact into the armament or the body of the enemy and could arrange with it heavy injuries.

Another variation which is also known as a lout was the morning star with a stealing whose heads were connected by an iron chain with this and from one or several heads existed. This entailed that the reach was raised and the force lay with the impact a little higher than with the normal morning star.

Also this weapon was used up to the end of the Middle Ages. There was a return of the weapon then, in a little bit changed form, in the First World War, as soldiers in the ditch fight depended on a silent elimination of the enemy.



Knight with 3-headed Spiked mace


Head of a Spiked mace






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