Giant gun “Mons Meg”

The giant gun "Mons Meg" was a cannon made in Scotland, which was used mainly for sieges to destroy enemy positions.

So the gun was used in 1489 at the siege Dumbarton Castle to support the siege. Later, the gun was alienated for salute shots at the wedding of Maria Stuarts with the Dauphin of France.

1681 was the last shot of the gun at the birthday party of the future King James II, when the gun due to excessive gunpowder charge considerable damage and was not repaired.

Today you can still visit the gun in Edinburgh Castle, where it is exhibited.




Technical specifications:

Gun type main box
Gun class Giant cannon
Period Around 1455
Material iron
Length 4,06 meters
Chamber length 1,26 meters
Mass 6,6 metric tons
Caliber 50 cm
Ball weight 175 Kg



Mons Meg

Mons Meg






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