Giant gun “Pumhart von Steyr”

The "Pumhart von Steyr" was a giant gun used in the Middle Ages which was made in Styria in Austria and measured by caliber, which had been the largest known wrought-iron bombard.

The gun was a gift to the Austrian Emperor Friedrich III. and was used primarily for the siege war and to destroy enemy fortifications.

According to current calculations, the gun was able to shoot a 690 kg ball about 600 meters wide.

The gun still preserved today is on display in one of the artillery halls of the Military History Museum in Vienna and is one of the oldest guns.


Technical specifications:

gun type Bombard
gun class Giant cannon
Period Late 15th century
material iron
length 2,59 Meter
chamber length 1,15 Meter
flight length 1,28 Meter
mass 8 metric tons
caliber 80 cm
ball weight 690 Kg



Pumhart von Steyr

Pumhart von Steyr




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