Ranks of the German Wehrmacht administration

Wehrmacht officials were wearing slightly modified Wehrmacht uniforms, with a similarly structured ranking. The uniform cloth pads were dark green. During the war, the so-called special leaders were added. These were civilians who were integrated into the Wehrmacht for a special task (eg interpreting) as officers (in the rank of lieutenant, captain or major). Their epaulettes were almost the same as those of the corresponding officers, but they wore altered, non-collared collar levels.


Army officials

Civil servants of the German Army wore dark green as gun colors and were distinguished according to the different areas in which they worked. Each area was identified by an additional color. She piped around the dark green collar and cuffs and served as a pad for the dark green shoulder straps. These wore the letters "HV" (Army Administration). For non-commissioned officers, reserve officers and generals they were made of white metal. Active officers from the lieutenant to the colonel received golden finishes. The following additional colors were distinguished:

- Crimson: officials in the political administration area
- Carmine: officials in bars
- Light blue: Military judiciary officials
- Light green: officials of the pharmacy
- White: Paymaster
- Black: Technical officials
- Yellow: Remonten officials
- Orange: Wehr Replacement
- Light brown: non-technical officials of teaching staff at army schools

Heeresbeamte der Wehrmachtverwaltung

Army officials of the Wehrmacht administration

Generaloberstabsintendant (1), Ministerialdirektor (2), Korpsintendant (3), Oberstkriegsgerichtsrat (4), Oberintendanturrat (5), Remontenamtsvorsteher (6)


Heeresbeamte der Wehrmachtverwaltung

Army officials of the Wehrmacht administration

Stabsapotheker (7), Heeresjustizinspektor (8), Waffenmeister (9), Heereswerkmeister (10), Magazinmeister (11)

At the beginning of 1944, the career of the troop special service was introduced, officials received only one weapon color without secondary colors. The mark "HV" fell away, but officials received as a career badge on the shoulder pieces a Merkurstab.


Officials at the Reichskriegsgericht

Wehrmacht officials who worked at the Reichskriegsgericht wore epaulettes without the letters "HV". The assigned weapon color was burgundy red with dark green thread in the armor color of the army memorial / military administration.

Beamte am Reichskriegsgericht

Officials at the Reichskriegsgericht

Senatspräsident, Oberreichskriegsanwalt (1), Reichskriegsgerichtsrat, Reichskriegsanwalt (2),
Oberkriegsgerichtsrat, Bürodirektor beim Reichskriegsgericht (3), Amtsrat beim Reichskriegsgericht (4), Reichskriegsgerichts-Oberinspektor (5), Reichskriegsgerichts-Inspektor, Reichskriegsgerichts-Obersekretär (6), Reichskriegsgerichts-Sekretär (7), Oberbotenmeister beim Reichskriegsgericht (8), Reichskriegsgerichts-Wachtmeister (9)

With the introduction of the career of the troop special service in early 1944, army judges wore only the gun color wine red, combined with a sword miniature as career badge on the shoulder pieces.






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