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Ranks of the German Wehrmacht administration

Wehrmacht officials were wearing slightly modified Wehrmacht uniforms, with a similarly structured ranking. The uniform cloth pads were dark green. During the war, the so-called special leaders were added. These were civilians who were integrated into the Wehrmacht for a special task (eg interpreting) as officers (in the rank of lieutenant, captain or major). Their...
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Ranks of the German navy (Bundesmarine) after 1945

Of the 25,000 marines, around 19,000 serve in the Navy itself, the others in the other parts of the Bundeswehr, mainly in the military base, the Central Medical Service and the Ministry. About 6,000 soldiers serve on sea-going units. In the Navy, in addition to professional and temporary soldiers, there are also volunteers who perform...
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Ranks of the German Federal Armed Forces (Bundeswehr)

The designations of the ranks of the German Federal Armed Forces are determined by the Federal President with the arrangement of the Federal President over the rank designations and the uniform of the soldiers at basis of the national service act. Ranks arrange the soldiers in the ranking of the German Federal Armed Forces. The arrangement...
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