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Ranks of the Waffen-SS

SS candidates, also referred to as season candidates, were male persons who had applied for admission to the general SS or to the armed SS associations such as SS Totenkopfverbände or SS-Verfügungstruppe (from 1940 Waffen-SS). The membership in the NSDAP was not mandatory for the application, although most of the SS candidates belonged to it....
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Ranks of the German Wehrmacht

The ranks of the armed forces were divided after the restructuring as in most modern armed forces into 3 careers. The partitioning was transferred thereby also to the entire armed services (army, Air Force, navy). As a result of this restructuring the afterwards following careers arose: - Mannschaften (Crews) - Unteroffiziere (sergeants) - Offiziere (officers)       Crews (Mannschaften) People liable for...
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