Albatros C.V

The Albatros C.V was a new development of the company Albatros Flugzeugwerke, whereby the construction was not oriented as usual on the predecessor model, but had to be completely redesigned.


Development and construction:

During the development of C.III, the designers were able to fully access the predecessor model C.I and adapt the technical changes.

The development of the C.V, however, a completely new engine should be installed, which meant that the entire construction had to be changed and adapted. Since the new engine was longer and heavier, the hull had to be adjusted first. At the same time, the engine was almost completely clad with sheet metal for the first time, which should prevent damage caused by fire.

The propeller hub was also used to pull sheet metal, which was flush with the fuselage and not only gave the aircraft a clean line but also significantly improved its aerodynamics.

Before the C.V C.IV was already developed. However, since there were only minor changes to the wings on this aircraft, no other aircraft was built apart from the prototype.


Albatros C.V




Use in the First World War:

1916 began the delivery of the aircraft, which were mainly used on the Western Front together with the C.III.

However, since the new engine was not yet mature and too often failed, the production of the aircraft after 424 machines were discontinued.

The remaining aircraft were used until the end of the war.




Technical specifications:

Designation: Albatros C.V
Country: German Empire
Typ: Armed reconnaissance aircraft
(Hunting spotter)
Length: 8,95 meters
Span: 12,78 meters
Height: 4,5 meters
Mass: 1.069kg empty
Crew: Max. 2
Engine: A water-cooled eight-cylinder in-line engine Mercedes D IV, 240 PS starting power
Maximum speed: 170 km/h
Reach: 450 kilometers
Armament: 2 machine guns 7,92mm, up to 70 Kg bombs






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