Armored corvette SMS Sachsen

The SMS Sachsen was one of 4 armored ships that was first built in Germany and should replace the hitherto predominantly used wooden warships.


Launching and design:

Already since 1861 there were plans for the construction of new battleships. Since the German shipyards did not yet have the necessary capacities and possibilities at that time, the first battleship deployed in Germany, SMS Arminius, was still ordered in England.


SMS Sachsen

SMS Sachsen


The 4 newly planned armored ships were mainly planned for the protection of the Baltic Sea. The construction was completed by the A.G. Vulcan shipyard in Szczecin and carried out the imperial shipyard in Kiel. The first two ships, battleship A in Kiel and battleship B in Szczecin, were laid at the same time keel, but since the construction of the Saxons, however, was finished earlier, the ship's class was named after this ship.


SMS Sachsen

SMS Sachsen


Detail der Panzerung des Panzerschiffs SMS Sachsen

Detail of armor of the ironclad of the SMS Sachsen


In the first phase, the ships were still equipped with two recumbent single expansion machines with eight suitcase boilers in two separate engine rooms, so that a total of 4 chimneys were needed. However, since the ships at sea had serious deficiencies in the control, they were rebuilt several times after a short service, so later the ships were equipped only with a chimney. The ships of the Saxon class were also the first in the imperial navy, which were equipped without auxiliary sails.


SMS Sachsen

SMS Sachsen


The armor was made of wrought iron and was around the citadel 203-254mm thick, with 51-64mm thick armor plates, however, the deck were armored.

At the beginning, the ships were equipped with six 26cm 22 gauge ring cannon. There were 4 cannons in the middle of the ship and two at the bow. After reconstruction work in 1886, 5 torpedo tubes (2 × 45 cm in the sides, 2 × 35 cm in the bow and 1 × 35 cm in the stern) were added.


SMS Sachsen

SMS Sachsen


The launching of the Sachsen took place on July 21, 1877. 1884 all 4 armored ships of the Saxon class were ready for use.




The end of SMS Sachsen:

The armored ships of the Sachsen class did not take part in any battles during their service. Despite several conversion measures, the ships were already outdated in 1900 and were inferior to the newer warships.

On 4 September 1901, the SMS Sachsen collided with the Aviso Wacht before complaints. In 1902 she was placed in readiness and in 1906 in the second readiness. From 1910 to 1918, the ship served as the destination for the fleet off the coast of Schwansen. The SMS Sachsen was sold in 1919 and scrapped in Wilhelmshaven.




Ship data:

Ship type Armored corvette
Country Germany
Launching July 21, 1877
Whereabouts 19 February 1910 retired

May 5, 1919 sold and scrapped

Plating 203-254mm at the citadel

51-64mm on the deck

Drive 8 suitcase boilers in 2 + 2 boiler rooms
2 horizontal 3-cylinder steam engines with 5,000 hp
2 four-wing screws
Length 98,2 meters
Width 18,3 meters
Draft 6,53 meters
Displacement max. 7.935 metric tons
Speed 13.5 knots
Arming 6 x 26cm ring cannon caliber 22

from 1886: 5 torpedo tubes

Crew 317 to 436 men



Das Schwesterschiff SMS Baden

The sister ship SMS Baden






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