Battleship HMS Dreadnought

The HMS Dreadnought was supposed to overshadow all other battleships at launch, laying the groundwork for a new type of massive battleship over the next several decades.



Launching and design:

In only 427 days, the HMS Dreadnought was built at the Navy Shipyard Portsmouth in England. The launching took place on 10 February 1906 and put all previously built battleships in the shade. The aim of this construction was to reaffirm the supremacy of the Royal Navy and to intimidate the naval leadership, especially in France, Russia and Germany.

For the first time, steam turbines with a capacity of 26,350 hp were used, which brought the ship to a top speed of 22.4 knots.


HMS Dreadnought

HMS Dreadnought


The armament was also designed for a uniform heavy artillery with a caliber of 30.5cm.

The main weakness of the ship type, however, was the arrangement of the main mast with the artillery guard behind the first chimney, as the chimney smoke could obscure enemy ships and make it difficult to aim.


An- und Draufsicht der HMS Dreadnought

Top view of the HMS Dreadnought




History of the HMS Dreadnought:

The commissioning took place on 3 December 1906 as the flagship of Home Fleet and the first division until the outbreak of World War I.

During the war, the Dreadnought was transferred to the Grand Fleet until 1916, when it became a flagship in a squadron of older liners.

The only combat action during the war was the application of the German submarine U-29. This was rammed on 18 March 1915 by the Dreadnought and sunk.


HMS Dreadnought

HMS Dreadnought




The end of the HMS Dreadnought:

After the war, the ship was assigned in February 1919 the Reserve Fleet. In early 1920, it was finally put out of service and sold in May of the same year to a scrapping company, which began in 1923 with the scrapping.




Ship data:

Ship type Battleship
Country England
Launching February 10, 1906
Whereabouts Scrapped in 1923
Drive 18 Babcock boilers, 4 set Parsons turbines with 26.350 hp
Length 160,6 meters
Width 25 meters
Draft max. 8 meters
Displacement 21.845 metric tons
Speed 22.4 knots
Plating 19 to 279mm
Arming 10 x 30.5 cm guns
27 x 76.2 mm guns
5 torpedo tubes
Crew 695 to 773 men






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The Battleship Dreadnought (Anatomy of the Ship)

The Battleship Dreadnought (Anatomy of the Ship) Hardcover – February 1, 1993

Launched in 1906, HMS Dreadnought was the first 'all-big-gun' battleship and as such revolutionised battleship design for more than a generation. She was built at Portsmouth in 14 months, a record which has never been equalled, and when she was launched she was superior in both firepower and speed to anything then afloat. Perhaps even more radical than her design was the proposal to adopt Parsons turbines which at the time had been hardly tested. Though she saw little action during her career, her influence was profound and she gave her name to a class of ship that dominated the high seas for more than a generation.

The 'Anatomy of the Ship' series aims to provide the finest documentation of individual ships and ship types ever published. What makes the series unique is a complete set of superbly executed line drawings, both the conventional type of plan as well as explanatory views, with fully descriptive keys. These are supported by technical details and a record of the ship's service history.

John Roberts is widely recognised for his contributions to warship literature. He was editor of Warship for six years and is the co-author of the standard works on British battleships and cruisers of the Second World War period. His superb warship plans led one authority to describe him as 'the best draughtsman in the UK' and so he is the ideal author to contribute to the Anatomy series. His two previous volumes, on Hood and Intrepid, were widely acclaimed.

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