Tower ship HMS Hood

The HMS Hood belonged to the Royal Sovereign class of the British Royal Navy and provided with their construction one of the first warships there, which was designed as a unitary line ship. This started the construction of serial warships, which not only cut costs but also increased production.


Launching and design:

The Hood was built at the Chatham Dockyard shipyard in Chatham. The launch took place on July 30, 1891. In addition to the Hood of the Royal Sovereign class were still the HMS Royal Sovereign, HMS Empress of India, HMS Ramillies, HMS Repulse, HMS Resolution, HMS Revenge and HMS Royal Oak built.


HMS Hood

HMS Hood


Striking was the low deck height in this type of ship. This was intended to reduce the attack surface and also the area that needed to be armored, which in turn should save material and money. The weakness of these ships lay with this construction, however, on the limited maritime capability, since in heavy seas, the deck was quickly flushed.

The armament consisted of

  • 4 × gun 34.3 cm
  • 10 × rapid fire protection 15.2 cm
  • 10 × fast-fire gun 5.7 cm
  • 12 × 3 pounder guns
  • 6 × torpedo tube ⌀ 45,0 cm (4 above water, 2 under water)

The four main guns were housed in armored towers to minimize damage from enemy encounters.




History of the HMS Hood:

After its commissioning on 1 June 1893, the Hood was sent to patrol and surveillance service in the Mediterranean.


HMS Hood

HMS Hood


On April 8, 1904, Entente Cordiale was agreed between France and England, which regulated the distribution of interests in the African colonies. As part of this, the monitoring of the Mediterranean was ceded to France, while the English Royal Navy took over the monitoring of the English Channel. As a result, almost all English ships, including the HMS Hood, were withdrawn and placed under Home Fleet.


HMS Hood

HMS Hood


Until 1910 she served in the reserve fleet in Devonport, then she was the flagship of the Commander of the Irish Coast for three years.


Geschützturm der HMS Hood

Turret of HMS Hood




The end of the HMS Hood:

With the outbreak of the First World War, the Hood was brought to the port of Portland and sunk there. With the sinking of the southern shipping channel should be blocked against German submarines, or the entrance to the port difficult.




Ship data:

Ship type Tower ship of the Royal Sovereign class
Country England
Launching July 30, 1891
Whereabouts sunk in the port of Portland on November 4, 1914
Plating 76 to 457mm
Drive 8 cylinder boilers, 2 3-cylinder steam engine with 11,000 hp
Length 125,1 meters
Width 22,8 meters
Draft max. 8,4 meters
Displacement max. 15.580 metric tons
Speed 17.5 knots
Arming 4 × gun 34.3 cm

10 × rapid fire protection 15.2 cm

10 × fast-fire gun 5.7 cm

12 × 3 pounder guns

6 × torpedo tube ⌀ 45,0 cm (4 above water, 2 under water)

Crew 712 men






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